Cold fogging / odor neutralization


The problem
smoking apartment
Corpse and putrefaction smell
Smell of fire (PVC, plastic etc.)
House and wild animal smells
Annoying smells in vehicles
Lactic and butyric acid
Unpleasant smells from food preparation (e.g. exotic dishes, burnt dishes, etc.)
The solution
Odors are neutralized with the special cold mist
No hassle (no prior clearance)
Short execution time (duration 1/2 day). Then the premises can be used again
Completely harmless to health, because:
– non-toxic
– no harmful ozone
– no long noise pollution
– environmentally friendly
– air-cleaning effect
After that
After an odor neutralization, please note the following:

Regular ventilation of the rooms (ventilate properly at least 3 times a day)
The objects get their original smell. Leather smells like leather again, wood again like wood etc.
It takes a few days to complete the process
In rare cases, repetition is required
Cold Fog Tips
Always remove the smell beforehand
Soak up floors with clear water before painting





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