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Your Software Specialist for Adaptable and Strategic Maintenance Solutions

Headquartered in Windeck/Sieg, GreenGate AG develops highly adaptable software solutions for strategic maintenance of facilities and infrastructures.

Manufacturing industries (e.g. automotive, food) and companies from the energy and water management sector (e.g. suppliers, disposers, wind energy) are drawing on the modular solution portfolio of GreenGate since 2000.

Based on the GS-Service software, GreenGate forms interdisciplinary teams out of project managers, software developers and support experts. They are mapping and structuring complex maintenance processes individually in constant dialogue with each other to render them transparent and controllable.

Over 300 customers with a sum total of over 4.500 employees already trust solutions by GreenGate AG. By regularly exchanging information with our users and partners we ensure that our software solutions are always up to date. This empowers us to accompany our customers continually with our trained eye for the essentials and the effective, even in the face of growing challenges.

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