Mold remediation and disinfection


Inspection on site
On-site assessment by a specialist, possibly sampling, laboratory analysis, clarification of the cause, risk assessment, building physics expertise from certified experts.
immediate measures
Protect users / residents, use cold mist devices to clean the rooms and the air, remove and disinfect mold and mycelium manually, mask the infestation site, partition off rooms, assemble or remove contaminated furniture.
Decontamination includes the manual removal of the affected material (floors, wallpaper, plaster walls, etc.). When removing infested material, make sure that no dust and no spores are released so that no new contamination occurs. The work is carried out with PPE.

Nebulizing disinfectants has proven particularly useful. In this process, entire rooms and the furniture are filled with disinfectant mist. In this way, the spores and germs are killed and rendered harmless even in inaccessible places. It is important that the disinfectant does not cause any additional health problems.
cause removal
The elimination of the cause must be carried out according to a professional determination of the cause, a corresponding concept and the structural renovations to be derived from it. This is the only way to reliably rule out a further infestation.
Possibly. a follow-up check with a final measurement





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